Our mission is helping you achieve YOUR mission in a safe, positive & fun environment. Helping you achieve your Goals and pushing you to achieve even more.  You’ll receive the programming before the week starts to help you prep for class and see what is on the menu.

Our classes are suitable for everyone from our top athletes to the granny who hasn’t trained from her first child. We offer Performance, Trim & Tone, HIT, Strength Training, Hypertrophy, Running Conditioning, Swimming, Turn it Up Buddy Workouts & Active Recovery.


We follow 8/10/12-week strength training cycles to help the members focus on: technique, speed and confidence. In that order, so that when it comes to test days, at the end of the cycle, they can attempt those 1RM safely.


All our Coaches strive to help our clients become the best they can be, from nutritional guidance, finding the best training program, focusing on recovery & sleep to emotional support in and outside of the gym.


Everyone can be part of our TigerFit Fam. We offer online training suitable for your specific goal(s). Book a consultation with your favorite Coach and let us help you get rid of excuses and see progress with the equipment you have available at home.


Michael, our boxing coach, became part of the family instantly after giving his first Nutrition Seminar & loves having us pick his brain on EVERYTHING FITNESS given his years of experience in the industry.