TigerFit was started in 2020 by Founder Santa Neethling in a small space in Tygerberg High School. The space got too small and in 2022 Coach Santa & her Husband, Coach Mossie found a space that could finally fit both of their passion & the TigerFit Family. The space is now filled with them doing Functional Fitness Classes, Classes for kids, Strength & Conditioning slots for all sports. Their Hybrid Membership includes InBody Weigh-Ins, Meal Plans, Personal Training, Monthly Private Goal Consultation, Monthly Sports Massage, etc. so that they can make sure their Tigers achieve their goals.


Our classes are suitable for everyone from our Top Athletes to the Granny who hasn’t trained from her first child. We offer Performance, Trim & Tone, HIT, Strength Training, Hypertrophy, Running Conditioning, Swimming, Turn it Up Buddy Workouts & Active Recovery.


Michael (Boxing Coach) became part of the family instantly after giving his first Nutrition Seminar & loves having us pick his brain on EVERYTHING FITNESS given his YEARS of experience in the industry.

Keegen has been there from the beginning as a Coach, he is also the founder of Beano Coffee Shop at Plattekloof and it was a no-brainer that his brand be the one to fuel all the Tigers.

Samantha is our trustworthy Physio, making sure all our Tigers are hunt-ready and injury-free with her amazing sports massages.

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